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At any one time there are 120,000 people recovering from a workplace injury in NSW. These are the stories of some of those 120,000 people. Feel free to add your own.

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4 days 7 hours ago

Hi, I am after any advice if possible. I work for the gov and have been on Comcare for two years. I have been assessed as permanently impaired and I am sure they will terminate my employment soon. I don’t want them to do this, is there anything I can do? Liability was accepted, I haven’t had to fight at all to have the claim accepted. I had a fair bit of proof. It is killing me that I am going to lose my job

1 day 13 hours ago

Well consider yourself one of the few lucky ones to have your claim go so smoothly. As just me said most of us 99%, go through alot of s… the stress and emotional roller-coaster we have to endure is appalling. But we have this site and other networks to help us Fight for what we are entitled to. I was terminated in January because I couldn’t perform my usual duties, I have been on light duties since my injury 2014, but now my employer can’t accommodate that any more. I cant get assistance from centrelink because of my parnters wage,… Read more »

Just Me
3 days 10 hours ago

Hi Lost, All I can advise is that, if you lose your job, you’ll just have to get use to it – like the rest of us. At least you haven’t been treated like a criminal by the sounds of it – most of us on these site’s have been, and still are – years later. Don’t worry, centrelink will pick up the tab for your employer/insurer, no problem. It appears re-training is out of the question too – you’ll have to arrange that yourself. You could become an advocate for injured workers ?- once they turf you out that… Read more »

6 days 14 hours ago

Hi guys its been awhile since I did a post, just going through some much. I was terminated on the 13th January, because of my capacity to perform my duties. On a good note I have my teleconference with the commission on the 26th February yippi. Also when I was received the section 74 denial of liability, it czme to my attention that a factual investigator was used and statements from two other employees were made, and there was very private and sensitive information said about my partner, anyway it is now being investigated by the privacy commissioner OAIC. So… Read more »

8 days 11 hours ago

I am coming close to my 130 weeks. I have applied for continued payments. Currently, I am working more than 15 hours a week. The insurer said nothing. How do I know if I will continue to get paid or not? Thanks.

Insider knowledge
2 days 6 hours ago

If you’ve signed the forms you will get further assistance. But they make a work capacity decision on deemed earnings under a section 38 decision not maximizing earnings.

I suggest getting in contact with your case manager and looking at further retraining depending on your current work, and earnings because if you are in nsw there is a maximum of 5 years of comp payments.

Just Me
1 day 8 hours ago

“Retraining”, insider knowledge. Retraining also needs to work both ways – for the benefit of the injured worker and lastly for the benefit of the insurer. If an injured worker is ‘lucky enough’ to be offered retraining, it has to be more than anything will do.

Insurance Hater
10 days 10 hours ago

Well I had some great news today was informed through a third party that after few years of fighting the insurer and constantly bombarding them with emails and complaints with the way they are and have been treating me and their constant Bullying, Intimidation, games and stuff ups and being followed by private investigators and my privacy invaded (even though I had nothing at all to hide whatsoever) and every insurer will have you followed. And emailing and complaining to the insurer every time they did not approve something in the allocated time etc to the point they did not… Read more »

10 days 11 hours ago

Have trouble to register to join the forum so I will post my question here. WIll the insurer pay to have permanent impairment assess? They wanted me to have another assessment but there is no indication that they asked for permanent impairment assessment. Can I request for it?

10 days 11 hours ago

Sorry about the trouble registering for the forum. We are updating the website so I’ll check that.
You can request for an assessment from the insurer. The insurer will pay for a permanent impairment assessment when they aren’t accepting your doctors assessment, if there is an issue (yours or theirs) regarding what support services you are entitled to at law or to validate the one you may have obtained independently of the insurer.

you have a right to challenge the insurers assessment through the Workers Compensation Commission.

Bankrupted and Buggered By Bureaucratic Bullies
15 days 1 hour ago

Bankrupted and Buggered By Bureaucratic Bullies: 7 Sept, 2012 this was first posted here I submit that as a significantly injured worker I have been dealt with, by the NSW Workers Compensation system, substantively unfairly and extremely harshly for the last 14 years, which of course has impacted on my wife and children. I have been struggling for years to get justifiable adequate compensation to cover the life-long costs, for the avoidable employer caused, permanent impairments consequent to these multiple workplace injuries over an 8 year period in the 1990’s. I have a completely stuffed immobilised cervical, thoracic and lumbar… Read more »

14 days 18 hours ago

Thanks for sharing B&B you’ve been through a lot. I wish ee could just sue the govt, if we had a human rights act we might be able to but as it stands the only way we can change the laws and hold the Baird govt to account is through out actions and our voices.

1 month 2 days ago

Gday fellow readers I injured my self at work in October 2014 and im still waiting for a reply from work cover,it is actually 2 injuries that happened in the space of 2 days and i have been of work since with no income,they are sending me to a IME and have given me a claim number and now we are trying to get my operations to be done asap,1 is on the leg and the other on my arm,now i broke my hand 20 years ago and they are trying to tell me that my hand didn’t heal properly… Read more »

1 day 19 hours ago

Hopefully by now you have had a resolution to the issues. waiting that long is not reasonable but seems to be the norm. If they deny your claim then you need to go to the Workers Compensation Commission with a lawyer (from the ILARS list). if they are still not giving you an answer I would contact the regulator (13 10 50) and put in a compliant.

Insider knowledge
2 days 5 hours ago

Sounds like they have reasonably excused the claim until the ime can determine if the injuries are related to the claim it depends if the put both injuries on the same claim or independant of each other. Without all the personal involvement its a standard procedure to complete if you have a good case manager ask them about the process and ask them nicely to explain things. Case managers are human and have to follow the work cover guidelines being aggressive to them generally wont get you anywhere. If your claim is declined you have access to all the documents… Read more »

Just Me
1 day 8 hours ago

Insider knowledge – sure does sound like it. “Ask them nicely” does this not work both ways, insider knowledge?
“All decision are based medical evidence” Mmmm, how many times is one expected to show medical evidence? The system is designed to benefit ALL stakeholders except the injured worker, insider knowledge.

1 month 1 day ago

Hi Toni
Why don’t you get a solicitor to fight for you, maybe that’s the only solution you have left. Some of them you don’t have to pay. Good luck mate.

1 month 1 day ago

OMG that was my mistake – I originally went off on sick leave from my job thinking I could sort it out on my own- then realized it was over and beyond just two weeks sick leave and started the process way too late! thanks for that info Wai-Marie.

1 month 1 day ago

It’s Fikreta btw, it’s not to late mate you can still do it. You wanted to have it sorted out like normal people, without having to employ any legal stuff but sometimes the only way to make them listen is to have someone represent you, because they know how to handle these insurance giants.
All the best. Fikreta

1 month 1 day ago

My experience with an IME was that the insurance co. chose the dr. I was told I could get a second opinion (at my own cost) and then I was told they were just going to base my claim on their dr.’s report! After I had seen another specialist twice at my own expense, and on their recommendation. The whole system is rotten. It’s hardwork to stick in there. Good luck. Toni

1 month 2 days ago

Did you go off on work cover? Cause if you use sick leave, they’re not liable. Being an existing injury,an if you already got paid out, you’ll only be entitled to surgery an maybe medication. Good luck trying.

1 month 2 days ago

Hi Wai-Marie
Thanks for the reply
I used my sick leave in order to get paid only, if the liability is accepted I’ll be reimbursed. As for having previous injury i did get paid out and I’m not after another one i just want the wages and medical treatment paid for since it is work related injury.

1 month 3 days ago

Hi I’ve had an injuri 5 weeks ago and still haven’t received any pay as i ran out of sick leave. Insurance paid for an MRI and now I’m waiting for them to send me to an IME to see whether they’ll accept the claim or not. I had the same injury 11 years ago and have been working for this company for over 8 years (permanent full time) without having any time off in regards to my previous injury or ever making a claim until now. What is the likely outcome and should I be extremely worried as I… Read more »

1 month 2 days ago

Quick answer is yes. They have a duty to you to ensure you can attend an IME appointment if they make it for you.

1 month 2 days ago

Thanks Rowan
I hope you’re right

1 month 2 days ago

They only have a certain no. of days to make a decision, I think it’s 30 in Vic. After that if there’s no decision I think they have to accept it or u can file for Conciliation. They can’t hold off a claim pending an IME, get them ur own medical info and they will have to use that. be careful, making a claim can affect u for the rest of ur life so make sure all the details are correct. I’m in vic so not sure about nsw law.

1 month 2 days ago

Thanks Boniie
I’m waiting to see a specialist my doctor has referred me to, but unfortunately they all take time.

1 month 5 days ago

I’ve injured myself at work last yr feb have not filed a workers compensation as the doctor i used to see told me nothing was wrong been back and forwards to a different doc ended up going thru eith wotkers compensation all got approved have left my job since and work at a different place but waiting on surgery due to work injury from my previous job just wandering if workers compensation will cover my wages as i will b outbof work for 3 to 6 weeks

1 month 20 days ago

I was a victim of five years of ‘management by workplace harassment, intimidation and alienation’ by Australia’s largest and iconic telco’s. I was continously threatened, denied representation, victimized for speaking out against the corporations dubious business model of achieving productivity and cost cutting by workplace harassment by stealth, by known and reputable psychopaths and sociopaths who held titles of management. My career, self-esteem and reputation was systematically destroyed by management, and yet management refused me a voice. Suffering acute depression, anxiety, and PTSD, as a concerquence of fighting this corporate thuggery, which was explicitly in cohoots with the Howard government’s… Read more »

1 month 13 hours ago

Hi Rob This is just to note to let you know you are not crazy, you are def not alone and they def do not have the right to do this just because they have the money and the power. I am so sorry to hear what has happened to you and your family as this battle will test the most strongest of people and relationships , we are only a year into ours and man the dirtiness of it all is a disgraceful example of what it means to be human. I don’t want to say too much about… Read more »

1 month 22 days ago

Hi guys,today I received a call from the insurance company for the first time and after asking questions the gentleman said unfortunately we can not cover you at this time because We still need medical reports A investigator will come out to speak to me And i waited to long untill i notified my employer,wich i told them how can i tell my employer of my injury if i wasnt aware of the injury,i first haf x ray wich showed nothing then we done a Mri wich showed the extent of the damage.From the time i booked the xray waited… Read more »

Insurance Hater
2 months 10 days ago

Hi All, I really think we need to start writing to ALL of our local members, I have battled the idiot Insurers for so long and as we know it only falls on deaf ears. We need to change tatics and instead of fighting your idiot insurer’s and yes some say be nice to them etc I know I have tried and known others who have as well. As I said it only falls on deaf ears because they DO NOT care about their injured workers AT ALL. I even had a rehab provider tell me one of his injured… Read more »

Just Me
2 months 8 days ago

Insurance hater, not one of us is sitting on our hands. The system was designed by the government to work this way, it doesn’t count on injured workers standing up and speaking out, it knows we have ZERO power, so is not worried that more and more people are waking up to them. They just close their eyes and know that sooner or later we will move on – and we will. But one thing we should all be doing is, think about who you are insured with. I have all my insurances with Allianze for now, but when i’m… Read more »

1 month 29 days ago

Hi I have the unfortunate situation of having recently become”an injured worker’ I cannot believe the way that workers are being treated. I have worked in Government for many years and consider that there might be sufficient safeguards and support within current legislation but no agency sees fit to follow through. I think reference to politicians ,Ombudsmen , AMA etc is the way to start. I will start by investigating the possibility of having agencies look at medical practioners’ conflict of interest and Insurers engaging in “unconsciable conduct’ and investigate how this conduct is defined and controlled Got to start… Read more »

Just Me
1 month 12 days ago

Good Luck Pat! The liberals think the investigation of the unions is just the tip of the iceberg, now we need an investigation of the liberals and the big insurers – imagine the outcome – it would rock the nation I’m sure.
Happy new year for 2016 to all injured workers.

2 months 14 days ago

Hi guys,i have torn my meniscus on my right knee and i am on waiting list for surgery(possibly 12 months)my boss has said i am not covered but after calling work cover they said i am.i started light duties but found i am getting alot worse and causing pain to my back,i would like to know is going on work cover worth it and do i get any sort of financial assistance and how does it work.i was earning approximately $2,000 per week prior to my injury

Just Me
2 months 13 days ago

Jokn, is going on workcover worth it? Well, yes it is, it is your right and one that was hard fought for. Injured workers must realise, giving up is not an option. Fight for what you believe, and for what is right – Otherwise we’re all stuffed. Injured workers deserve much better, much, much better.

2 months 18 days ago

I am still in my second entitlement. Do I get top up payment while working part time or the insurer can decide to stop my payment? Thanks.

1-13 weeks – 95% of your pre-injury average weekly earnings
13-52 weeks – (more than 15 hours per week, 95%, less than 15 hours 80%)
52 weeks – (they remove your shift allowance and overtime)

2 months 19 days ago

I would like to know that I had not had any injury at work nor file any compensation and my manager had asked me to sign the letter of authority. I am confused is this right? .. I went for my 1 week holiday and she had rang me that I cannot return to work until I she received a medical clearance from my doctor. Any how I went to my doctor and got a letter for my medical clearance, I sent her the letter and the next day she asked me to sign the letter of authority. What should… Read more »

You should raise this with fair work australia.

Since you are not claim workers compensation, it is an industrial relation issue.

2 months 22 days ago

Hi all, Message to all NSW legitimate injured workers. Please google IWSN Workers compensation handbook. They have very useful and correct information on your rights as an injured worker. From reading some of the comments and compaints made by injured workers it sickens me to know thatits not only my life thats been ruined by a work injury, most of all I am discusted at how we as injured workers are treat and mistreated by the insurers. Its not right, they will slways manipulate the legislation to suit there goals. A goal that is intentionally set to p*ss the injured… Read more »

2 months 30 days ago

My brother had an accident in his workstation where construction field.There his leg was injured.His nerve was cut behind the leg.Now he was recovered.What type of chappal he used to walk?

3 months 23 days ago

Well I have some good news, after being on workers comp for 12 long, exhausting, painful months and my claim for surgery last month was denied, my case is now being reviewed by my union lawyer and have the grant from ILARS. I have my medical appointment with a new Dr next month. When I received my section 74 there was a report in there that the insurer used a factual investigator to obtain, very private and personal information about an incedent that happened with my partner. I had disclosed this to my manager because I needed to off, what… Read more »

3 months 30 days ago

I need serious help. I have been on workman’s comp. For over two yrs never being released back to work by the governing physician yet the insurance company stopped my temporary benefits nearly a yr ago as I still frequent the Dr. I can not work per the Dr. But I am neither getting pain. My life is in disarray. What can I do

2 months 22 days ago

Hey Joseph. I understand your pain!! Firstly, do you have a current & up to date WorkCover certificate? Secondly, does that certificate state totally unfit for any type of employment? Without these two above points mate, regardless if you have recieved your 130 weeks of weekly benifit entitlements you do not have a leg to stand on, even continue to send them to the insurer if they are not paying you or ignoring you like mine did. Trust me, this will come in handy later. Your treating GP is the only person that can provide these reports to you, you… Read more »

Insurance Hater
4 months 1 hour ago

Can I just get some clarification on times the insurer has to reply to a medical referral from you nominated treating doctor that you have sent to them via email?
I have a mental blank at present.
I think time has well elapsed on one of my referrals with no response at all that I have received. And the workcover site is crap for trying to find out.

3 months 17 days ago

I have referral also for rehab physio from my gp ,Wkcover still havnt approved it to help my pain and recovery ,iv been paying myself to help myself…

4 months 2 days ago

Hi all,
I am going to approach the 2.5-year (130 weeks) on the workers compensation system in NSW, my current capacity cannot find new job and you are not working 15 hours. Can I still get payment by insurer after 130 weeks?

2 months 22 days ago

Hi David. You will not get more than 130 weeks unfortunatly under the current legislation. However, they should still cover all you medication and “reasonable physiotherapy” for 12 months after you last 130 weeks payment. The only option for you is to either find a job if you are medically fit of course or go to Centerlink to apply for disability pension. I know, this sucks but unfortunately the legislation allows them to do so. I two was denied any extra weekly benefits, even though my GP is completely against a return to any type on employment especailly because the… Read more »

4 months 4 days ago

If the insurer is reviewing my work capacity, can they stop my weekly payment? They stop my payment without saying anything and I have been chasing it up for the last two months.

2 months 22 days ago

Hi Mary, As you maybe aware already, the insurer will always manipulate the situation so that its always in there favor. There are only a few reasons why they can stop weekly benefits, they are noted below. 1 – if you have exceeded your 130 weeks entitlement. 2- your treating GP has changed/modified or updated your capacity to work. Either way, you should have been notified prior to weekky benefits ceasing. 3- “There” medical doctor has deemed to fit for a return to work plan. There doctor will always stand in there corner despite what all medical reports say. You… Read more »

4 months 6 days ago

can some one please help. i had an injury over 12 months ago my injury is still the same . i am taking morphine tablets for the pain syndrome. i had an mri done on the neck and i have a bulging disc hitting the nerves confirmed by the mri. the insurance ppl are trying to force me into back to work. i have always told them i want my injury fixed. but if i dont they are going to cut my pay. dont get me wrong i want to work but the thing is i copped that much bullying,… Read more »

4 months 3 days ago

Tony has the insurer denied your claim and issued a section 74? I have been going through this since September last year, its Hell but dont give up use your support network and this website. Are you using your own Dr? If you get sent to IME’S take someone with you and take notes. When contacing the insurer by phonekeep a diary of the conversation, I always emailed and kept all messages in a folder, and Cc it to my lawyer. My situation is now in the hands of my lawyer. Also be aware that the insurer might have a… Read more »

4 months 2 days ago

No belinda they havent denied me yet. But they are trying to push me to another job because of the abuse i copped. And i have always said no.i just want to know what are the consequences if i dont do what they say.

2 months 22 days ago

Hey Tony. What you experience is the same game they play with everyone. To your solicitor’s comments, do not play there game! They will always win as they manipulate the past and present legislations to there advantage everytime. What you need to do is throw a big spanner in works… Firstly, your WorkCover medical certificates needs to state totally unfit for any type of work/employment. Make sure you openly comunicate your symptoms, physical and psychological pain with your GP, make sure they know how much pain your in, make sure they understand how hard it is for day to day… Read more »

4 months 7 days ago

Don’t know of a support group in WA and often they are not especially helpful. If you have pain and want to learn how to fix it UWA has a site that might help, or google painhealth WA. Another resource is

Good luck


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