Modest gains for injured workers at risk: Shoebridge

Media Release: Modest gains for injured workers at risk In answers to questions in Parliament this week, the NSW Finance Minister refused to rule out stripping back lump sum workers compensation benefits by legislating to overturn a recent Court of Appeal decision that allowed those workers who were injured before the government’s 2012 reforms to[…]

IWSN Press release: Families devastated by workers comp cuts

PRESS RELEASE                       Injured Workers Support Network will join the community march in Orange on Sunday as part of the May Day events organised by the Central West Community Alliance. IWSN will march to support the many families disadvantaged by the O’Farrell governments slashing of workers compensation benefits last year and to support a[…]

Seriously injured workers get forgotten, time for major change: Shorten

The O’Farrell Government strategy has been to cut injured workers off rather than assist and support them.  The NSW system has been failing so they decided to blame injured workers rather than fix the system. Welcome comments from Bill Shorten.  It highlights that he understands the plight of too many injured workers “I know people[…]