How to put in a Workers Compensation Claim.

6140986-3x2-700x467HOW TO MAKE A CLAIM

Notify your employer as soon as possible so the incident can be recorded in the Register of Injuries.

All workplaces are required to keep an registry of injuries (sometimes called the incident or accident report book). It is important that you do report the injury to your work as soon as you can and ensure that it is written down. Sometimes this isn’t possible, you won’t be denied workers compensation if you haven’t recorded it at work though.

If time off work is required, see a doctor and have the doctor complete a WorkCover certificate of capacity.

See our posts on the Certificate of Capacity for further details on what this is and how to talk to your doctor about it.

Provide the certificate of capacity (with the worker’s declaration completed) to your employer or their insurer and attach any bills or receipts for treatment.

Your employer should put the claim in for workers compensation on your behalf but you can do this or someone on your behalf can ({such as your union).

Where to find the claim forms

Your employer should have claim forms available at your workplace. If you are putting in the claim yourself you should find out which insurer covers your workplace and go to their website to download the forms.