5000 Injured workers to be thrown out of support in 2017

The letters are sent (or on their way) 5000 families Christmases ruined as the second Baird trap comes crashing down.images


In 2012 Then Treasurer now Premier Mick Baird promised everyone that his new workers compensation system would make injured workers better off. Especially those who were injured before 2012.

We know he was lying when he said that and the evidence is that he not only knew injured workers would be sent to the scrap heap, that’s exactly what he planned and the very reason he built the workers compensation system as we have it. assistance

In the mists of the system we have two very simple but hard to get out of Baird traps.

the first one falls after 2.5 years of receiving assistance. in 2014 this sent nearly 15,000 injured workers to the dole or to the wall.

The second falls just after Christmas, and the insurers are already sending out their letters.

5,000 injured workers, those with a whole of person impairment less than 20% and who have been injured since before the new legislation was rushed through parliament  will be kicked off support no-matter what their circumstances.

You may think that if they aren’t at 20% they should be fine right? Loosing a leg wont make you 20%. loosing an eye the same, most forms of PTSD wouldn’t get you to that percentage- even though you may not be able to leave your house without profuse sweating and near collapse). Loosing your livelihood doesn’t count. The reality is that the calculations for a permanent percentage are incomplete and done so purposefully to benefit Mike Baird’s master plan.

So 5,000 people and their families who are daily suffering with an acquired disability due to an incident at work that was in 98% of the time preventable will begin to loose their workers compensation rights from January onwards.

Mike Baird’s master plan to throw them into the streets is finally coming to fruition.