And then there were Three

Insurers cut to three providers only.

CGU and QBE to leave NSW Workers Compensation System by December 2017.

EML, Allianz and GIO remain.

In late April iCare announced that they had reduced the number of nominated insurer to just three after CGU pulled out of the system and QBE lost out in the tender process.

Despite assurances from iCare that things will go smoothly we should all be concerned that some of the “lost claims” and misplaced file notes will again end with injured workers being shafted in this process.

There is no indication that iCare used any of the information the Victorian Ombudsman relied upon in their report to make up their mind (after all, they were scathing of Allianz) neither is there any report that the new “Streamlined system” will be anything but the same old from the same old.

As information is obtained we will keep you informed.