The OFarrell government have again today showcased their distaste and lack of compassion  for the plight of injured and ill workers and their families.   The O’Farrell Government has  torpedoed a Law Reform Commission recommendation to provide fair compensation to the dependents of those killed from exposure to asbestos.   Instead they have jumped into bed with James Hardie to assist in taking away payments from widows of deceased workers poisoned by Hardies.   The Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia President Barry  Robson said the decision was shameful and declared ADFA will fight the appalling decision taken  by the NSW Government to let James Hardie off the hook on compensation for relatives of victims of asbestos disease.

SCUMBAGS in the Parliament…

Injured nurses,construction ,manufacturing and government workers and their families sat in the public gallery in the NSW Parliament yesterday and were devastated to learn the Hon Greg Pearce would not give any assurances that injured workers would not be worse off under the O Farrell governments proposed Work Cover “reforms.

Mr Pearce repeatedly referring to other Ministers as ‘scumbags ‘ for raising the issue of injured workers concerns in the Parliament.
Injured and ill workers,those effected by workplace deaths and their families listened in disbelief as Mr Pearce unleashed a ‘blame game’ attack on the previous governments inadequacies and current Ministers in the House .
What injured workers continually say is they want a system that supports and respects them allows them to get back to work and leaves them no worse off.


Crisis Support Services

CRISIS SUPPORT SERVICES has launched the first Australian online counselling project for suicide prevention. This innovative service launches as a five month pilot on April 30. Online counselling sessions are available free of charge for: Carers of people at risk of suicide; People bereaved by suicide The program is available through the Suicide Call Back[…]

A FAIR WORKERS COMPENSATION SYSTEM – a ‘must’ read for Mr OFarrell

  Mr Kevin Purse ,Senior Research Fellow at the University Of S.A   A  research paper launched in 2011 by Mr Kevin Purse ,Senior Research Fellow at the University Of South Australia  notes… “The notion that business needs to be ‘competitive’ has also traditionally been invoked in the workers’ compensation context to justify lower compensation[…]

Workers Compensation: Time To Take a Stand

Time To Take a Stand by John McPhilbin Workers Health Centre In 2003, John McPhilbin, was forced onto workers compensation as a result of a workplace injury.  His claim was initially declined and he was forced to fight for basic entitlement through the Workers Compensation Commission.  He was successful in winning his case, however, that[…]

OFarrells disgusting proposals for workers comp

There can be no doubt after reading the Issues Paper on Workers Comp that injured and ill workers and their families have nothing to gain from Mr OFarrells reforms.There are no “prizes” for the injured as Mr Pearce claims,just further cuts to the already ineffective system. As OFarrell takes the knife to injured workers benefits[…]