Diet is important when recovering from a workplace injury

healty-eating-pyramidFunny things, our bodies.

In one sense we use our food intake to regulate our daily lives, dividing the day up into breakfast, lunch and dinner. In another very real sense we use food to regulate how we feel. But in every sense food has a significant affect on our health and the more healthy our diets are, the easier our bodies deal with injury.,


I’ve heard people say Psychological violence at work is a myth. Macquarie Group proves them wrong.

Imagine being in a workplace where the pressure to succeed was so extensive that people were driven to take down co-workers just to succeed? ​”Two Macquarie Group executives repeatedly drugged a colleague with valium and laxatives during a business trip to South America in a “malicious” attempt to discredit him.Within hours of the dangerous prank,[…]

Five years on. Speech to Unions NSW trades council 22 June 2017

Last night Unions NSW invited injured workers and myself to speak to their weekly council meeting. The following is the speech I gave.I’d like to thank unions NSW for inviting me to speak tonight on a topic that has been encompassing my life for the last three years.As I was introduced, I am the current[…]

Injury and Depression. The Secondary of a Secondary injury

Secondary injury is an injury that occurs because of the primary injury. In some ways, a secondary injury is harder to cope with than the primary one.     Injury affects people differently even if the injury is the same between two people. On the surface this seems incongruous but given that no two people[…]

Bull rider claims workers compensation after severe injury at rodeo

Author: Anna Patty. Original story: 15 June 2017 Sydney Morning Herald   From the age of nine, when his dad first plonked him on the back of a small calf, Mitchell Gajkowski loved rodeo life. “In his blood”: Mitchell Gajkowski had dreamed of a bull riding career in the US. Photo: Supplied After riding the poddy calf[…]