Our Opening Address to the NSW Upper House Inquiry

The Injured Workers Support Network appeared before the NSW Upper House Inquiry into the Workers Compensation system yesterday at 9am.  Though the public hearings are now over it will be some time before the transcripts will be available of our appearance. In the meantime I thought I would publish our opening statement. A general and heartfelt thanks[…]

9am Today NSW Parliament House. IWSN Members tell it like it is .

Today we front the NSW Parliamentary Committee into the Workers Compensation Scheme. Three of our members as well as myself will be talking about the experiences of the injured worker in this scheme. The reality of the legislation, not just the words of the commentary. We hope to be able to represent all of you[…]

Pre-Injury Average Weekly Earnings. Will this change?

Report back on the meeting between the IWSN and SIRA (the regulator) on PIAWEOn the 23rd of March the IWSN met with the regulator to discuss potential changes to the way pre-injury average weekly earnings are calculated.  Lets start off with the problem. That is, barely anyone in the system understands how they should be[…]

Report back on iCare & Regulator meeting with the Injured Workers Support Network held on 1 March 2016.

The meetings topic was medical approval process.

IWSN submission to iCare and Reguator March 2016

As always we got through a list of ongoing matters and updates from both iCare and the Regulator. Of note was that most of the regulations such as allowing an injured worker to access legal support when appealing a Work Capacity Decision should be in place by Mid year. That doesn’t mean it will take that long, though it might, and we certainly hope they happen sooner than that.


Discrimination Disability and the Human Rights Commission

IWSN meeting with the Human Rights Commission inquiry today Willing to Work: National Inquiry into Employment Discrimination Against Older Australians and Australians with Disability Firstly a mea culpa. I have always held out that I don’t go to a meeting with any government officials without firstly inviting at least one member to come along. I[…]

Talking about medical approvals: IWSN’s next meeting with the government

IWSN Regular meeting with Workcover. Date of Meeting: 1 March. Fill out our survey This is the legislation:WORKERS COMPENSATION ACT 1987 – SECT 60Compensation for cost of medical or hospital treatment and rehabilitation etc (1) If, as a result of an injury received by a worker, it is reasonably necessary that: (a) any medical or related treatment[…]

Our outstanding issues with the Regulator. meeting next wednesday

UnknownUnless you’ve joined us recently or been living under a rock you will know that IWSN member protested against the lack of consultation with Workcover back in March 2015. We won this.

Since June this year we have been holding monthly meetings with Workcover (now the “regulator and iCare”) about issues and solutions that would make a difference to our members. […]

Returning To Work. Our Next Meeting with WorkCover.


Have your say on returning to work.

The October meeting between the Injured Workers Support Network and WorkCover is set for October the 6th.

At the meeting we will be talking about return to work for injured workers.

As always the IWSN wants to tell WorkCover what are the issues our members face when dealing with WorkCover and with their Insurers and, in this case, with the employers.  […]