Five years on. Speech to Unions NSW trades council 22 June 2017

Last night Unions NSW invited injured workers and myself to speak to their weekly council meeting. The following is the speech I gave.I’d like to thank unions NSW for inviting me to speak tonight on a topic that has been encompassing my life for the last three years. As I was introduced, I am the current[…]

22 June @5:30pm. Justice for Injured Workers: 5 years on.

To acknowledge the five year anniversary of the cuts to workers compensation, on 22 June 2017 at 5.30pm at Trades Hall Unions NSW and the Injured Workers Support Network will host a special meeting of the Labor Council. Each Party represented in the NSW Parliament will be invited to hear the stories of injured workers[…]

#PutYourBootsOut. In memory of those who have not returned.

Too many Australians are killed at work each year. In NSW, in the past twelve months alone, over 100 workers have lost their lives on the job while someone suffers a major workplace injury every five minutes. Tomorrow, Friday  28 April is International Workers’ Memorial Day when we stand in solidarity with workers and families around the world in[…]

RALLY IN SYDNEY 12:30 TODAY. NSW Parliament House

Are you standing with us today at 12:30? Picture: Sylvia Liber (Illawarra Mercury)The Upper House Inquiry Starts Today.  At 12:30 outside of NSW Parliament  Injured Workers Support Network ​members, Unions NSW and our supporters will be protesting outside of the parliament on Macquarie Street Sydney to show that we aren’t just manilla folders on an insurers desk. That[…]

31 Oct to 7 November A week of protest

Wollongong: 31 October 12pmWorkcover offices 60 Burrelli st Wollongong It sounds fitting to use halloween to highlight the nightmare of Workers Compensation. 2 November Orange: Rally for the Regions. Rally for Real Change in Workers Compensation Workers Compensation laws hit regional workers the hardest. Rally to start the change in the town which saw the first[…]

Sept 10. Victoria Launches holds their first forum for Injured Workers

I’m very excited to be a part of this. Our Victorian friends are holding their first ever forum for injured workers, joining the Australia wide movement to ensure that we take better care of our friends and families injured while at work. I’ll be down there doing my bit for their cause as well so[…]