Return to Work Inquiry Unions NSW.

Return to Work Inquiry Workers and their unions have been campaigning against the cuts for nearly 4 years now and the campaign is having an impact. Since the cuts to workers compensation in June 2012, Unions NSW and the workers compensation campaign have won a number of significant changes including: Doubling the medical cap to[…]

Your invited to NSW Parliament.

Thursday June 2 1:15 pmNSW Parliament HouseUnions NSW will be launching the third report by Macquarie University into the Impact on the Injured Workers of Changes to NSW Workers’ CompensationWe will also be talking about the exciting next steps in our campaign to restore justice to injured workers through improving return to work. The event hosted[…]

Rally for Justice. Feb 23 Sydney City.

The Insurance industry is gathering in Sydney on the 23rd of February for their Workers’ Compensation Summit. It’s time we showed this industry that we aren’t there to protect their profit margins. That injured workers demand our rights. Commit to coming and invite as many people as you can. Injured Workers stand together and we[…]

June 19 Fair Go For Injured Workers Day. Parramatta Street BBQ

You are invited to our BBQ. June 19 is Injured workers day. It marks the anniversary of the Destuctive changes to the workers compensation laws that have harmed thousands of NSW workers. The Injured Workers Support Network recognises this day each year. Not only to keep protesting about the laws (we will never leave the[…]

Justice for Injured workers? Union NSW Event Thursday June 4 5:30-6:30 pm Sydney Trades Hall

unionsnsw-logoIf Fred Nile is going to stand for Injured workers on the 4th we should be there to stand with him.

-after all. it was IWSN members who talked to him ’round.

The Rev Fred Nile MLC, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, has said he strongly supports the reinstatement of medical services for injured workers and is willing to look at the issue of retrospectivity.While this is not enough to undo the damage already done, it could make a real difference in easing the burden on injured Unknownworkers lives.

Come and hear what Fred Nile has to say about how far he is willing to go to restore decency to this broken system. Share your story about how these changes have impacted on you and your family.

The Rev. Fred Nile has agreed to address Unions NSW Council on the issue of workers compensation and his plans to “right the wrongs”.

All are encouraged to attend with injured members to assist Fred Nile in pursuing this task within the Parliament.


Trades Hall Auditorium

Sydney Trades Hall

5.30 pm

4 June 2014 […]