Meeting with a Politician

The workers compensation system is controlled by the government legislation. If you want to lay the blame for the system you are under it lies there with the government. The parliament, specifically the liberal National government has the capacity to make changes to that legislation and talking to their MP’s and decision makers (both in[…]

Injured Worker Support and Representation in Tasmania – Do we need more?

Injured Worker Support and Representation in Tasmania – Do we need more? Author: Dr Peter Sharman Posted on December 17, 2016 In the early days of this site I wrote an article about Injured Worker Support Websites where I asked for comments about the best approach to provide such support. There was a lot of negativity about the WorkCover Victim website at[…]

Our Opening Address to the NSW Upper House Inquiry

The Injured Workers Support Network appeared before the NSW Upper House Inquiry into the Workers Compensation system yesterday at 9am.  Though the public hearings are now over it will be some time before the transcripts will be available of our appearance. In the meantime I thought I would publish our opening statement. A general and heartfelt thanks[…]