The easiest way to contribute to the IWSN Submission to the NSW Upper House Inquiry

Ensuring your voice is heard by the NSW Parliament  has never been this easy.   We have created an easy way to can contribute to the Injured Workers Support Network’s  submission to the NSW Upper House into the Workers Compensation System.     follow this link: Submission to the upper house inquiry and follow the instructions.[…]

Unions NSW Return to Work Inquiry August 2016

Unions NSW & The Injured Workers Support Network are holding their own inquiry into the NSW workers compensation system. We invite you to:  Tell us your return to work story: and come to one of the regional & Sydney based forums  Register your interest in telling your story to the Inquiry: 

NSW Upper House Inquiry into Workers Compensation set for August 2016

Statutory review into Workers Compensation legislation launches August. Firstly, this isn’t the one we are campaigning for. It’s is a statutory review meaning that it was always on the cards and has to happen this year. In saying that it is an opportunity for the Injured Workers Support Network and our members to give an[…]

Commonwealth Life Insurance exposes an absence of morals in the insurance industry.

As Clayton Barr recently said at the WIRO Conference “Some of you insurers take your play book from Ivan Milat”

Did you hear the one about the insurer denying a legitimate claim? or delaying payment? or forcing doctors to change medical certificates?

Of course you have. You’ve read our website right? If it’s your first visit just take a look around, read the stories, read the members questions.

So the story is about life insurance but the parallels with the workers compensation system in NSW indeed anywhere in Australia are easy to draw.

Dr Koh from the Commonwealth bank blew the lid on their tactics at the Commonwealth Bank lets look at some of his statements. […]

21 days for medical approvals means 21 days without medical care.

Rally for Justice. 21 Days is too long to wait for medical care Say you’ve been injured at work. You’ve gone to your doctor and they order some scans because they believe you have a fractured foot doctor writes out your Work Capacity Certificate and asks your insurer for permission to have a scan of your[…]