Comcare proves insurers just don’t know what they are doing when it comes to workers health.

Public service workers compensation bill slashed by $450 million.   That’s the bragging headline from Noel Towell’s Sydney Morning Herald piece on the final outcome of Comcare’s slash and burn practices over the past year. The article provides the Comcare vision of their actions. They “got tough” with injured workers, they slashed the number of[…]

ACT Budget 2017: Government backflips on decision to dump Comcare for workers’ compention

Change of heart from the ACT Government Author: Kimberley Le Lievre Original Story: Canberra times The ACT Public Service will continue to use Comcare for workers’ compensation despite an attempt to dump the federal workplace insurer in 2015. ACT industrial relations minister Rachel Stephen-Smith’s spokesman said the decision was in the “best interests of ACT Public Service[…]

Comcare: Appealing a decision.

The Internal Appeals Process Comcare calls this a “Request for Reconsideration”. A reconsideration is conducted ‘on the papers’. It is not a court process. This means that Comcare will not investigate but will review all relevant documents on the claim file and any additional information provided during the reconsideration process. You have 30 days after[…]

Comcare: The Decision Process of the Insurer

The Decision Process of the Insurer When Comcare receives a new claim, it is immediately sent to an Initial determination team for registration. All claims are registered within 48 hours and then triaged to determine if they are a Rapid response or Early intervention claim. This triage method identifies whether the claim is high-impact and[…]

Comcare: Your rights.

Your RightsYou have the right to receive entitlements You have the right to confidentialityAccess to documents that relate to your claimTo have certain decisions reconsidered.Reasonable medical treatment paid for.Weekly income replacement if you are not working.You also have a right to:​Choose your treating doctorChoose your rehabilitation provider (though this is not recognised by Comcare)Choose your[…]

Comcare: Making a claim

There are three basic steps to making a claim for Workers Compensation:You should see your own doctor for treatment and obtain a Medical Certificate.Complete the Employee section of the a claim form and provide this and your Medical Certificate to the insurer (you can do this online).Your form will be forwarded to your employer who[…]

Comcare: The mess that is Comcare

Comcare is not the brightest and best Comcare started as a way to bring Federal Government departments under one single workers compensation system instead of having to comply with each individual state’s workers compensation schemes. The scheme was initially only to cover government departments and government business enterprises (GBE’s) such as Telecom (now Telstra) and[…]