Enforce your right to choose your own Medical test service.

Your right to choose your medical support extends well beyond your own doctor or rehabilitation provider. It also includes your right to choose who does your medical tests (such as blood tests and MRIs) as well.Recently we received a call from an injured worker whose medical specialist asked for an test before an appointment later[…]

Talking to your insurer part 5: Making a complaint

Making a complaint You have a right to complain about the actions and behaviour of the insurer or anyone involved in their workers compensation matter. All Insurers have a complaints handling system with 4 escalation steps and levels of review. Both the State Insurance Regulatory Authority and WIRO expect an injured worker to make an[…]

Talking to your insurer part 4: Know your responsibilities

Know your responsibilities: As important as knowing your rights is knowing your responsibilities. Knowing these will mean that if the insurer is asking you to do something, you will understand when they are being reasonable in their demands. Some of your responsibilities are: See a doctor of your choice if treatment is needed and get[…]

Talking to your insurer part 1: First Contact

First contact is always important. The insurer will probably know of you before you know of them. The way the system works is that your employer will generally inform their workers compensation insurer once you have given your employer the certificate of capacity. The insurer then has 72 hours to contact you. What you should[…]

Psychological claims survey: a few days left to respond

Can you imagine a better way for Insurers to handle your psychological claim? SafeWork Australia is currently conducting a project to create a best practice model for insurers managing psychological claims. It’s first step is to consult with injured workers on their experiences and their suggestions for improving and changing the current way insurers manage[…]

Don’t confuse medical claims with your overall claim

Why should the system change? just because it is confusing is no reason surely? the other day we received a phone call from an injured workers which went so much like a script it got me wondering how we ended up in this place.     Caller: I’ve just received a section 74 notice. what[…]