Insurers dragging their feet on Medical approvals.

The majority of medical support claims are accepted. So why are the majority of claims taking more than 21 days to approve? Here’s the eye opener:  As you can see, the insurers are approving the majority of requests for medical support. but: They are taking a heck of a long time to do it.  I[…]

Is your insurer giving you a choice of Independent Medical Examiners

New Insurer Practices for Independent Medical Practitioners in place. Are you getting a choice of Independent Medical Examiners? You should have a choice of three.     We asked for it, We lobbied for it, we got it. From December last year Icare NSW (they don’t have a logo yet so we are using the[…]

The only Doctor that can change your certificate is your Doctor.


Your doctor, not the insurers “Independent Medical Examiner” not your insurers case manager, not your rehabilitation caseworker only your doctor can change your workers compensation certificate of capacity.


I hope that makes the answer to one of our most asked questions clear.


Four ways the insurer calls all the shots.

The system is broke. Where insurers have more say than your treating doctor on how you are treated after an injury then the system is nothing but broke and here are five ways in which we know the system is broke.     Sign the petition for an Inquiry into the impact on injured workers. […]