The Disability Support Pension

If you “move off” workers compensation and still are medically unable to work you may be eligible for the disability support pension from Centrelink. (this information is taken straight from the Centrelink website: Disability Support Pension) What is the Disability Support Pension? Financial support if you have a permanent physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition that[…]

June 18 & 19 Save the dates.

June 19 is Injured workers day. We are planning two activities to mark the day. June 18th. IWSN Family Picnic Day. Time: 11am onwards. Place: Workers Memorial Park Holroyd (Merrylands brick pit) What is happening? We are going to be having a simple sausage sizzle and a Magician for the Children. the workers memorial park[…]

Warning: Scam praying on Injured Workers

Do not return calls from people claiming to be the “Injury Support Network” Please do not return calls to anyone claiming to be the “injury support network” and asking you for your business.The Injured Workers Support Network has NO involvement with the “Injury Support Network” and find their business model disgusting.These people have no involvement with[…]