What next for the IWSN? No, we aren’t finished.

The IWSN has always been bigger than one person. Yesterday Rowan Kernebone announced that he was moving on as the IWSN Coordinator but it doesn’t mean the IWSN itself is moving anywhere. We are and have always been a group of volunteers and activists dedicated to the cause -but there may be some changes.So, what next[…]

Have a question on Workers Compensation? Have a suggestion for the Handbook?

2016 Workers Compensation Handbook NSW Workers Comp Comcare  Its time to start thinking about revising the Handbooks. What goes in and what is revised and to ask if anyone wants to help review and revise any part of the handbook itself.  So, Ideas, suggestions and volunteers needed for the 2017 Workers compensation handbooks. ​

Keep the IWSN Running. Donate Today.

If you have the opportunity Please give to keep our service running. Donate to the Injured Workers Support Network The Injured Workers Support Network survives on donations to our service. We do not receive any government or industry funding to provide our services and our ongoing work is dependent on the users of our services[…]

Newstart becomes that much harder to get. – if Turnbull gets his way.

Turnbull moves the goal posts again. The Federal budget has a few surprises for anyone facing being stripped of their workers compensation from the NSW state government. The changes in who can access disability payments is one such change, though these were put into place a year ago or so, there is no chances for[…]