The Disability Support Pension

If you “move off” workers compensation and still are medically unable to work you may be eligible for the disability support pension from Centrelink. (this information is taken straight from the Centrelink website: Disability Support Pension) What is the Disability Support Pension? Financial support if you have a permanent physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition that[…]

Finding help outside Workers Compensation

What is Financial CounsellingA financial counsellor is a community worker who acts without a conflict of interest, as a negotiator and an advocate on behalf of people who are at financial risk.As well as supporting and educating the client in various forms, a financial counsellor can provide the following for their clients:A full assessment of[…]

Emergency Relief

HelplineEmergency Relief

Emergency Relief helps people deal with their immediate financial crisis situation in a way that maintains the dignity of the individual and encourages self-reliance.

It is an activity under the Australian Government’s Financial Wellbeing and Capability activity.

There are approximately 300 community and charitable organisations around Australia providing Emergency Relief services.


Discrimination: Using disability discrimination law

  Discrimination against workers with a disability is against  the law. Everyone knows this but, as injured workers,  we rarely use the protection that we can have under disability discrimination law. We should start to. Firstly what is a disability? In laymens terms a disability is a physical, mental or interlectual shortcomming that prevents someone[…]