Blogging about your experience. One workers story.

April P Thomas writes about her experience of bullying and harassment in her blog which you can find here: This is part of her story: So today I’m giving myself a challenge to tell whoever is willing to read my story of an psychological injury…, (big breath). Now it all started with a new[…]

This is What 8% Whole Person Impairment Looks Like

Author: Leigh Shears, First posted to our Face Book Page 30.10.16Earlier this year I was told by the insurer that they will no longer provide physiotherapy because ‘they are not in the business of maintenance’. They will only provide assistance where there is a likelyhood that the treatment will assist in full recovery. As of[…]

Sometimes even the rehab cant work out what is going on with the insurers.

Here’s a story that a rehab worker sent me about a workers journey to recover, this time hampered by the insurer all the way.   “Agents in the most basic sense have 2 roles – make weekly payments and pay for treatment.  A worker sustained a significant lower back injury.  He thought it was going[…]

An open letter to all politicians and governments in Australia.

An open letter to all politicians and governments in Australia.​Dear Sir/Madam.I am 60 years of age. Up to the 30/10/1996 I was a hardworking carpenter and builder. I was relatively financially secure. And had just completed my 36 bluestone home, on an acre, in Belgrave sth.I laid every bluestone myself, and did all the work on[…]

Mike, will you be paying for my Mortgage Default?

Member receives a final demand from their bank – and passed it on to Mike Baird. Dear Mr Baird,Attached is the final notice in regards to my home loan. This is the process that takes my house from my family.In November you took away support. I’m a seriously injured worked of over 30%. You, however, took[…]