Five years on and our Anger hasn’t changed.

Our first ever web post in 2012 is just as relevant today. The names may have changed but the problems and the concerns are still there with old and newly injured workers. OUTRAGED INJURED WORKERS Published 19/04/2012Injured and ill workers last night voiced their concerns on Premier O’Farrell’srecent announcement to “reform” the workers compensation system in NSW.The[…]

Have a question on Workers Compensation? Have a suggestion for the Handbook?

2016 Workers Compensation Handbook NSW Workers Comp Comcare Its time to start thinking about revising the Handbooks. What goes in and what is revised and to ask if anyone wants to help review and revise any part of the handbook itself. So, Ideas, suggestions and volunteers needed for the 2017 Workers compensation handbooks. ​

Workers Compensation & Tax.

Workers Compensation & Income Tax. Disclaimer:This information provided below is complied from other sources and should not be taken as professional advice. Always check with the Australian Taxation office, your accountant or a tax expert prior to relying on this advice.Shortly your insurer and/or employer will be sending you your income certificates. This is a[…]

Karoshi -Death by overwork. Just a Japanese Problem?

Karoshi means death by overwork. In Japanese it is spelt with the Kanji for overdo, labour, die and it is more common than anyone would like.     Officially 400 people have died because of Karoshi in 2016, the unofficial figure is around the 20,000 people a year. It should be interesting to everyone that[…]