The five best pieces of advice I have ever heard for Injured Workers.

Over three years I have heard (and said) nearly every piece of advice for injured workers from nearly every source. Here are the top five. Keep a diary, keep a record.  From the very beginning injured workers receive a large number of documents, letters and phone calls. No one else will be remembering what they[…]

When Workers Compensation collides with Work Health and Safety.

Education note to Union Organisers. When Workers Compensation collides with Work Health and Safety. The Injured Workers Support Network Helpline is not just there for your members but for you as well. If you have a question about workers compensation you are more than welcome to contact our helpline or send us an email with[…]

Attitudes towards Injured Workers Need to change.

The Conversation is always frustrating. “I try every day to help injured workers get back to work, they just don’t want to do it. They are lazy, not all of them but the vast majority are lazy.” The rehabilitation/insurance clerk or return to work co-ordinator says. Then they give a percentage figure of the “lazy”[…]

NSW Economy to Loose over One Hundred Million with the Five Year Workers Comp Stat Cut off.

One Hundred Million Dollars stripped from our suburban economies each year. That’s what the five year cut off means to all of us. According to iCare around 6,000 people will lose their Workers Compensation weekly payments this financial year. That’s a drop in income of $20,000 for each of those families.  These are the vulnerable families that[…]

Five Things your Independent Medical Examiner Doesn’t Want You to Know.

1. You Can Have a Support Person Come in with You.Independent Medical Examiners are another term for Medico Legal Practitioners. they have to abide by their Medical Councils code of ethics which says: The examinee has the option of having an accompanying person present during the history and/or the examination. This should be explained to[…]

Re-Training Costs vs Propaganda

How much should iCare actually pay for re-training injured workers? On Friday the Sydney Morning Herald ran an article about a injured worker in the Comcare system who took a request for retraining to the Administrative Decision Tribunal and lost. The head line read “Public Servant Demands $100,000 uni degree”. It was another bash the[…]

iCare to Trial Medical Panels.

 Dr. Chris Colquhoun, icare Chief Medical Officer, announced on the 15th of May that they will be trialling medical support panels for approving medical procedures over a 12 week period (no indication as to when this would start). The reason given is to reduce the delays in approvals for medical procedures the insurers are currently experiencing.[…]