Your Rights Series: Privacy

First in our series on your rights as an injured Worker. These questions come straight from a reader written so well we will use them as our headings. Enter your text here…Question 1. Privacy. What rights do injured workers have?Injured Workers are entitled to the same rights to privacy than anyone else is. Their medical records are[…]

Sexual Harassment & Workers Compensation

Sexual Harassment has its place in workers compensation it’s just not called sexual harassment. There is no place for sexual harassment in our workplaces but it is present and it has a significant impact on the worker who is subject to it. The Australian Human Rights Commission has this to say about sexual harassment: “Sexual[…]

The tangled web of Workers rights and Workers Compensation.

Workers Rights are sacred right? Injured Workers rights are sacred? It comes as a shock to most people injured at work that those rights they thought were enshrined may not be as sacred as they thought they were. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a series on worker and injured worker rights to be[…]

Can my employer direct me to go to a Doctor?

Workers compensation laws are only one part of the three areas of law that govern injured workers. The two other areas are Industrial law and Work, Health and Safety laws.  All three areas have legislation and in the case of industrial law awards or agreements that have bearing on whether your employer can send you[…]