The Cycle of Despair. A way of understanding what happens.

Cycle-of-despair-caused-by-an-adversarial-system John McPhilbin, a previous Coordinator at the Injured Workers Support Network spent some time on trying to describe the issues faced by injured workers in the workers compensation system. He came up with the Cycle of Despair a visual map of the emotional rigmarole injured workers go through once they enter the system. And[…]

How to support a depressed partner while maintaining your own mental health

Author: Poorna Bell. Original story: The Guardian 10/07/2017 There is no lightning-bolt moment when you realise you are losing your sense of  self; just an absence. When you are caring for someone you love, your wants and needs are supplanted by theirs, because what you want, more than anything, is for them to be well. Looking[…]

Panic Attacks! Five bits of advice you should ignore and why.

Five bits of advice about panic attacks you should ignore and why.         1. Don’t worry, It’s all in your head. No, panic attacks are real -physically real and everybody has and can experience them. Panic Attacks are an explosion of chemicals released into the brain engulfing our normal responses. It drives[…]

Diet is important when recovering from a workplace injury

healty-eating-pyramidFunny things, our bodies.

In one sense we use our food intake to regulate our daily lives, dividing the day up into breakfast, lunch and dinner. In another very real sense we use food to regulate how we feel. But in every sense food has a significant affect on our health and the more healthy our diets are, the easier our bodies deal with injury.,


When Your Body isn’t Ready to Move on When You Are.

Recovering from an injury isn’t a straight path. It curves like the picture to the left. So how can you tell you are getting closer?     In many, many ways recovering from a physical injury is different from recovering from a psychological injury. The reaction of others, the types of professionals you will see,[…]