How to support a depressed partner while maintaining your own mental health

Author: Poorna Bell. Original story: The Guardian 10/07/2017 There is no lightning-bolt moment when you realise you are losing your sense of  self; just an absence. When you are caring for someone you love, your wants and needs are supplanted by theirs, because what you want, more than anything, is for them to be well. Looking[…]

Panic Attacks! Five bits of advice you should ignore and why.

Five bits of advice about panic attacks you should ignore and why.         1. Don’t worry, It’s all in your head. No, panic attacks are real -physically real and everybody has and can experience them. Panic Attacks are an explosion of chemicals released into the brain engulfing our normal responses. It drives[…]

5 things you never want to hear with a Psychological Injury.

My top five most hated statement from others about Psych injuries:

I’ve been lucky, My Psych injury wasn’t work related and was a long time ago when I was a teenager. But it was real, and I listen daily to people who have yet to recover or adapt to their work related psych injury. Over the years these are my top five most hated statements from other people  about my injury and about other peoples psychological injury:


Mental Health needs to be taken seriously in the workplace.

Mental health claims make up to 45% of the total number of workers compensation claims made under NSW workers compensation. This number is replicated throughout Australia and indeed most of the world where stats are kept. It is also one of those claims that are all to often put in to the too hard basket[…]

Injured workers are not crazy, they suffer from a lack of trust, and quite reasonably so

We speak with injured workers on a daily basis and the recurrent theme is the sense of violation they feel from hostile and uncaring employers, insurers and the system in general. Trust is fragile and when violated can be extremely painful.  Given my own background and training is in the social sciences I decided to[…]

Workplace Psychological violence or Bulling how do you know you’re being targeted?

You are not stupid if you don’t recognise that you are being bullied or you are a victim of workplace psychological or emotional violence.  It is difficult for anyone to see a link between their mistreatment and resulting health and social problems. after all, these things don’t happen like a car crash, they happen like a[…]

The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

Eating is one way in which we can take full control over our lives after an injury. There is a lot to e said for the feeling of fullness we get from high carb and high sugar foods. Unfortunately those feelings don’t last long but the damage can. Healthy eating can provide the same feelings[…]

Managing chronic pain (APA Factsheet)

How psychologists help with Pain management Pain is an all-too-familiar problem and the most common reason that people see a physician. Unfortunately, alleviating pain isn’t always straightforward. At least 100 million adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain, according to the Institute of Medicine. The American Academy of Pain Medicine reports that chronic[…]