Injured workers have poorer health outcomes than others with similar injuries

According to  The Royal Australasian College of Physicians there is strong evidence to suggest that people who are injured at work and claim compensation for that injury have poorer health outcomes than people who suffer similar injuries but are not involved in the compensation process.  Its seems obvious from their  research report  that the system[…]

Seven ways to cope with a depressed partner

Author: Dr Linda Gask Original story posted: 25 February 2017 The guardian online newspaper   Listen to them, look after yourself, and make sure they are seeking professional help Prevention is better than cure. Be aware of the things that trigger depression and self-destructive behaviours, such as working too hard, placing unrealistic expectations on themselves, being overly self-critical. Learn[…]

Parenting with an injury


Mother's_LoveRaising a child can be difficult enough without an injury or an acquired disability.

Add a work place injury physical or psychological and raising children can feel like a nightmare.

After an injury most parents find their parenting style changes, they accommodate their new situation into their parenting and adjust. So does the child, and with anything else, this can have good results, or bad. The tool to making parenting after one or both parents have had an injury is always the same. Think about what you are doing plan a new strategy, be open and honest with your child (given their age and capacity to understand) and seek help if you need it.