The five best pieces of advice I have ever heard for Injured Workers.

Over three years I have heard (and said) nearly every piece of advice for injured workers from nearly every source. Here are the top five. Keep a diary, keep a record.  From the very beginning injured workers receive a large number of documents, letters and phone calls. No one else will be remembering what they[…]

When Workers Compensation collides with Work Health and Safety.

Education note to Union Organisers. When Workers Compensation collides with Work Health and Safety. The Injured Workers Support Network Helpline is not just there for your members but for you as well. If you have a question about workers compensation you are more than welcome to contact our helpline or send us an email with[…]

Five Things your Independent Medical Examiner Doesn’t Want You to Know.

1. You Can Have a Support Person Come in with You.Independent Medical Examiners are another term for Medico Legal Practitioners. they have to abide by their Medical Councils code of ethics which says: The examinee has the option of having an accompanying person present during the history and/or the examination. This should be explained to[…]

Your Rights Series: Privacy

First in our series on your rights as an injured Worker. These questions come straight from a reader written so well we will use them as our headings. Enter your text here…Question 1. Privacy. What rights do injured workers have?Injured Workers are entitled to the same rights to privacy than anyone else is. Their medical records are[…]

Can my employer direct me to go to a Doctor?

Workers compensation laws are only one part of the three areas of law that govern injured workers. The two other areas are Industrial law and Work, Health and Safety laws.  All three areas have legislation and in the case of industrial law awards or agreements that have bearing on whether your employer can send you[…]

Work Capacity Decisions: Merit reviews & Legal Support

If your appeal to the insurer hasn’t resulted in them overturning their decision you can make a second appeal to the Regulator, called a merit review.  Your Solicitor can now access financial compensation for assisting you to complete this review.  This applies to new applications for review only made after 16/12/2016.It is important that you[…]

Comcare: Appealing a decision.

The Internal Appeals Process Comcare calls this a “Request for Reconsideration”. A reconsideration is conducted ‘on the papers’. It is not a court process. This means that Comcare will not investigate but will review all relevant documents on the claim file and any additional information provided during the reconsideration process. You have 30 days after[…]

Work Capacity Decisions: Appealing a Decision

First review step: Internal ReviewThe first option for a review is called an Internal Review. An internal review is conducted by the insurer. It must be conducted by someone other than the initial decision maker. In practice most (if not all) insurers have a separate team for internal reviews. The internal review will consider the merit[…]