CGU Locks the Doors on Victorian Injured Workers

This picture says it all. CGU just doesn't want to listen.

Thursday last week saw me in Victoria training up 11 new facilitators for our Victorian Injured Workers Support Network with help from the Victorian Trades Hall. 

At that meeting it was decided to go to CGU and protest about their treatment of Victorian Injured Workers as highlighted in the Victorian Ombudsman's report handed down earlier in September, .

The week before the Victorian group took the same action against Allianz with the result that the Allianz executives actually came down and met with the members. CGU had a different take. Not only did they refuse to even acknowledge their fault they shut their doors on the Injured Workers of Victoria.  

CGU should be ashamed of their treatment of injured worker in Victoria and in NSW they should be even more ashamed that they have actively shut the doors on injured workers. ​

Our brothers and sisters in Victoria are not going to let them lie just because they locked the doors. they'll be back to give them more.​