Injured Workers Support Network

Workers Compensation Handbook 2016

Chapter 1

What is Workers Compensation?

Workers injured at work are entitled to timely, effective and meaningful treatment and rehabilitation that assists you to return to your pre-injury employment or to other employment. This may include retraining and job placement assistance if required. Return to work, suitable employment and injury management for you must have as its objective a safe, durable and timely return to work.

The health and stability of you and your family should be the top priority of anyone involved in assisting you.

Notes to an Injured worker:

Remember to keep a copy of the notification/claim number from the insurer and quote it on all documents sent to the employer and insurer. They should also keep a copy of any documents relating to their injury and claim.

If you are off work and cannot do your normal job you should ask their doctor and employer about suitable duties.

When you visit your doctor you should discuss and record an injury management plan and submit this to the insurer with their certificate of capacity (workers comp certificate).

You must make all reasonable efforts to return to work as soon as your health allows.

Your health should be the first and only priority