Injured Workers Support Network

Workers Compensation Handbook 2016

Chapter 2

Making a claim

There are three basic steps to making a claim for Workers Compensation:

  • You should see your own doctor for treatment and obtain a Certificate of Capacity.
  • The employer should complete a claim form and provide this and your Certificate of Capacity to the insurer.
  • Both should comply with any reasonable request for information from the insurer while they decide whether to accept liability.

Notification of an injury can be written or verbal and anyone can make initial notification of the injury to the insurer.

Employers have a legal requirement to notify the insurer within 48 hours of your injury being reported. If the employer has not done this you, your union delegate or a union rep can make that report.

You cannot be dismissed within the first six months because you are unfit.

You must be provided with suitable duties at work in accordance with your Certificate of Capacity