Injured Workers Support Network

Workers Compensation Handbook 2016

Chapter 7

Key Stakeholders

There are several different government departments and other industry groups involved in Workers Compensation:

The Insurers

Private insurers manage workers compensation for Insurance & Care NSW.

Self-Insurers (companies) fund and manage their own workers compensation insurance. They have to follow the legislation and regulations as enforceable by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority.

Workers Compensation Commission

The Workers Compensation Commission (the commission) is an independent statutory tribunal within the justice system in New South Wales.

There are five main categories of disputes lodged with the Commission.

The WorkCover Independent Review Office (WIRO)

WIRO helps injured workers deal with complaints about a decision or action taken by an insurer that affects their entitlements, rights or obligations under NSW workers compensation legislation. This includes complaints about denial of liability by the insurer.