Co-ordinator personal note

I will be away for four weeks starting on Monday.

I know we closed down for December so closing down for another four weeks may seem like its too close but the reality is that there are few times in any given year where taking even one week away is possible.

The timing this time around has more to do with celebrating my 20 year wedding anniversary with my wife rather than any other matter but even then we have had to plan around the important dates we recognise as the Injured Workers Support Network.

After I come back we have the International day of mourning 28 April and  the conference at the same time. then we have injured workers day 19 June then a few months and another round of campaigning after the release of the NSW Upper House inquiry. Then its Work safety month in October and our annual fund-raising dinner in November.

Over the next few weeks we will be running another round of series to do with Workers Compensation and campaigning.