March 23, 2016


Comcare is the Australian Federal Government's Workers Compensation system. It covers all federal government employees and other multi-state companies.

2016 Comcare
Workers Compensation Handbook
Comcare proves insurers just don’t know what they are doing when it comes to workers health.
Public service workers compensation bill slashed by $450 million.   That's the bragging headline from Noel Towell's Sydney Morning Herald[...]
ACT Budget 2017: Government backflips on decision to dump Comcare for workers’ compention
Change of heart from the ACT Government Author: Kimberley Le Lievre Original Story: Canberra times The ACT Public Service will continue[...]
Comcare: Appealing a decision.
The Internal Appeals Process Comcare calls this a "Request for Reconsideration". A reconsideration is conducted 'on the papers'. It is[...]
IWSN Comcare Workers Compensation Handbook released
The Injured Workers Support Network now provides  direct help to Injured Workers in the Australian Federal Comcare Workers Compensation system. Comcare[...]
Comcare: The Decision Process of the Insurer
The Decision Process of the Insurer When Comcare receives a new claim, it is immediately sent to an Initial determination[...]
Comcare: Your rights.
Your RightsYou have the right to receive entitlements You have the right to confidentialityAccess to documents that relate to your[...]