Coordinator’s blog 02 October

A slightly smaller week than those that have gone before. It’s allowed me to have a think about where we are going. Planning for the future is always fraught with difficulty because, despite your plans, the future is unknown. The growth of the groups continues but we aren’t going to add any more groups to the mix until next year allowing the current groups to plan their own paths. I am also trying to finish the Workers compensation handbook that should be finished by October 23rd conference.

Speaking of October, its the second busiest month here after June (injured workers day). We have the conference, the dinner (which you can still buy tickets to) the ACTU national safety conference and we have Broken hill’s second meeting. So I will be travelling quite a bit this month.

We also have the long weekend which I am personally looking forward to starting at the end of this working day.

Talking about holidays. The IWSN will be taking a break over Christmas with most of our meetings on hold  on either side of the break. I am taking a longer break (three weeks instead of two) to spend time with family and friends.

The meeting with the safety regulator this week was a relief after it was put off so many times and I hope our report back on it answers some of you questions.

I hope over this weekend you get to spend some time in the new sun I know I’ll be doing that.