Coordinators Blog 18 September

Well sorry its been just over a month since the last blog. would say that a lot has been happening but I’m just going to apologise rather than lay the blame somewhere else.

Since my last weekly blog (should that be monthly now?) a lot has happened.

The meetings with workcover have been going a head with a quite cordial meeting last week (would never have expected them to agree with our position on injury management plans). We have also had a meeting about self-insurers (still waiting for some paperwork from workcover before we ask members for comment- its one thing to have something said in a meeting, another thing to have them write what they have said down). We also met with ComCare on return to work plans.

Our advertisement for the fund-raising dinner and conference on October 22nd is gathering steam as well. We are hoping to meet nearly half our budget during the dinner and I am personally looking forward to the expansions that money could bring us.

On a more serious note our work has increased over the last month with substantially more calls coming through as well as emails. I’m trying to get to them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this week has seen me off work for two days sick, slowing everything down.

Our sisters at the Workcover victims diary site have got their own site back after being hacked. I have a lot of sympathy for them. Our own site has had a few attacks over the last few weeks -fortunately stopped before they did any damage- and someone out there is trying (unsuccessfully) to leaver my own log in. It’s happened in the past and, despite the concern I am not particularly stressed. My log in changes quite regularly because of our fear of being hacked. We also have a great IT professional helping us out. I can’t say it will always be safe but I would hope anyone trying to do it would have the humanity to just stop and get another hobby.

on a brighter note we are now ready to help injured workers dealing with ComCare with the same level of advice and growing expertise in this area. We are also reaching out to the Chinese and Vietnamese speaking community with our friends at Asian Women At Work.

As always a lot happening and a lot to get excited about.