Coordinators Blog June 17

Well, it has been some time since I’ve done a blog but there are a few things I need to let you know about.

The first is that the IWSN head office will be closed for the next three weeks as I take a holiday I’ll be away from the 20th of June and returning on the 11th of July

The second is a grateful thanks to the NSW Police Association for their donations of two computers, a lap top and a high end projector. Why we are grateful for them for the donation will become apparent after I return but we are now set up to do a hell of a lot more in the head office than we have been before,. Remember, if you have any spare time during the week think about coming in and helping us out. the more people involved the more we achieve.

the third is that we have made the decision to close down the online cafe due to inactivity. if it ain’t being used it ain’t worth the weight on your internet bill.

While I am away there will still be our regular site posts with some interesting video posts each week so watch out for them.

If you are trying to contact us with a question please be patient. if your question is urgent I would suggest giving WIRO a call. If it can wait then please phone us on our Helpline number: 9749 7566 and leave a message. it will be regularly checked but I can’t promise you will receive a return phone call back until the 11th of July.

Alternatively you can drop us an email at which will also be regularly checked.

Finally tomorrow we have our injured workers day picnic at the Holoryd workplace memorial park starting from 11am. Hope to see you all there.