Discrimination Disability and the Human Rights Commission

2000px-Handicapped_Accessible_sign.svgIWSN meeting with the Human Rights Commission inquiry today

Willing to Work: National Inquiry into Employment Discrimination Against Older Australians and Australians with Disability

Firstly a mea culpa.

I have always held out that I don’t go to a meeting with any government officials without firstly inviting at least one member to come along.

I have been invited to one such meeting today, and…ummm… I forgot to invite a member. The meeting is with the Human Rights Commission (federal) and they are wanting to talk with me, and other people (mostly unions) about the current discrimination people living with a disability have when applying for work.


I could say that I know what you might be speaking about. The constant rejections just after you’ve been asked if you have ever had a workers compensation claim, the battles with your current employer, rehab and insurers to try to keep the job you have, the numerous times you’ve been sent to a job interview or trial where no attempt has been made to accommodate your disability and the heart break at trying again and again to get a job in the current market. But we both know that what I hear isn’t what I experience, and experience counts for everything.

I have asked for a separate round-table between the Human Rights Commission and our members and I hope that will happen in the near future.

Between now and then can you put in a comment to this news story about your experience and what you would want to say if I had followed our standard procedure and invited a member along.

To those who do leave a comment I will be sure to pass them along to the people I meet today.