Discrimination: Using disability discrimination law



Discrimination against workers with a disability is against  the law. Everyone knows this but, as injured workers,  we rarely use the protection that we can have under disability discrimination law.

We should start to.

Firstly what is a disability?

In laymens terms a disability is a physical, mental or interlectual shortcomming that prevents someone from achieving 100% of what woud be their normal capacity.

Legally its a bit more technical than that but It is true that, as injured workers, we dont often see ourselves as having a disability.But, if the disability is pernament, if it includes a loss of functioning, if our doctors say we wont be 100% after our recovery, we have a disability. and we have protetion with this under the law.

to read more about how you can access this protection read: Using disability discrimination law by  The NSW Disability Discrimination Legal Centre