Discrimination @ Work and Workers Compensation

2000px-Handicapped_Accessible_sign.svgHave you been denied a job because you have had a workers compensation claim?

That’s discrimination and we need to make it known.

The Injured Workers Support Network believes we can set a precedent in NSW that will make the laws change but we need help to do it.


A bit of background first:

Most people believe you have to have a disability to be discriminated against. WRONG. Discrimination is also when an employer perceives you have a disability (whether or not you have one). That’s the LAW- but enforcing the law is difficult. there isn’t any legislation in NSW that states an employer can’t ask whether you have or have had a workers compensation claim (it should) so the employers ask, then make a judgement on whether you get the job or not. We know that to be true.

We want to test this at the Human Rights Commission and we need someone willing to do this with us. We have a lawyer lined up who is willing to run the case we are just needing the case to run.

This would be ground breaking if it succeeds so we need to be as sure of that success as possible. To do this we need someone who.

A. Has applied for a job they were qualified and experienced enough to do.

B. Got through the application rounds and were successful.

C. Was asked the question “do you or did you have a workers compensation claim?” by the prospective employer.

D. Was denied the job because they answered truthfully.

E. Has retained the paperwork.

F. Is willing to take the matter to the Human Rights Commission with us and our lawyer.

We want to ban employers from discriminating against anyone because they have a workers compensation claim. That’s our aim and you might be able to help us get there. If you fit the bill above (or come close to it) please let us know.