Five Things your Independent Medical Examiner Doesn’t Want You to Know.

1. You Can Have a Support Person Come in with You.

Independent Medical Examiners are another term for Medico Legal Practitioners. they have to abide by their Medical Councils code of ethics which says:

The examinee has the option of having an accompanying person present during the history and/or the examination. This should be explained to the examinee when the interview is being scheduled. The role of the accompanying person is to support the examinee, but not to answer questions or contribute to the assessment. However, should the examinee have an intellectual or speech difficulty, it is appropriate for the accompanying person to assist in the communication between practitioner and examinee.

Medical Council of NSW medico legal guidelines

2. You get a Choice Between Three IME's but you can Ask for a Specific Doctor.

Especially if the insurer has already sent you to the doctor you want to go to, you have that right to request a specific doctor (IME) to do the examination and that request has to be given serious consideration by the Insurer. It's no good them just saying that doctor isn't on our books either (that would prove the doctor they are wanting to send you to is in collusion with the insurer yes?

​3. You Can (and Should) Take Notes.

You or your support person are allowed to take written notes during the examination and afterwards. ​Bet your life the doctor is doing it, you are allowed to do it too.

4. If the Doctor Wants to Record your Examination They Have to Ask Permission. ​

If the medico legal examiner is wanting to video or tape the examination then they have to ask your permission- they break the law if the don't ask permission and still record. ​ If they do record, you can too (still ask though). 

5. You Have Every Right to Complain About Their Behaviour. 

Their notes come back with someone else information on it? complain to the Privacy commissioner.

They wont allow you to bring in a support person? Complain to the Medical Council of NSW. ​

They lied about what you said during the examination? (remember written notes). Complain to the insurer, the regulator. 

They hurt you during their examination? complain to the HCCC. 

It may not be the complaint that breaks the camels back but you have every right to lodge a complaint with the relevant authority about the medico legal practitioners behaviour.  ​they are just another type of a private investigator after all.