Five years on and our Anger hasn’t changed.

Our first ever web post in 2012 is just as relevant today. The names may have changed but the problems and the concerns are still there with old and newly injured workers. 


Published 19/04/2012

Injured and ill workers last night voiced their concerns on Premier O’Farrell’s

recent announcement to “reform” the workers compensation system in NSW.

The meeting were outraged by Hon Greg Pearce’s recent comments in the Parliament that “everyone in the system gets a prize except the Authority’.

“While the media would have us think otherwise, workers in the current system are suffering. Not receiving timely treatment, are sacked from their jobs, have low or no weekly payments and are unable to meet basic cost of living expenses,” said one injured worker.

One distressed worker said, “My prize was I got injured, lost my job and my house”.

The meeting unanimously passed a resolution that condemned any changes to the system that would see injured and ill workers and their families worse off.

“This meeting of the Injured Workers Support Group condemns any moves by the O’Farrell Government to slash injured workers benefits.

Injured and ill workers and their families in NSW deserve a better system.

Any improvements to the current system must include:

. Consultation with the people most effected by and who have first hand experience of the system – ill and injured workers and their families

· A system focused on respect and dignity that can truly assist and compensate workers injured, made sick or disabled at work.

· Availability of hasty access to diagnosis and treatment

· Prompt and respectful claims assistance

· Prevention of injury and illness as a priority

· Penalties for employers who injure workers

· Genuine commitment from employers to return workers to meaningful duties.

· A decent wage to support injured workers and their families during recuperation.

NSW injury victims and their families should not be the targeted recipients of Mr. O’Farrell’s knee jerk attempts amend the current workers compensation deficit.

This meeting calls on Mr. O’Farrell to meet with our Injured Workers Group as soon as possible to truly understand how our lives have been effected by a scheme riddled with bullying from insurers, delays in treatment and loss of jobs and income.”

The Injured Workers Support Network was set up in early 2011to assist and support workers who have sustained work related injuries,illness and disabilities. To provide and share information and experiences about the workers compensation system and the rights of injured & disabled workers.

Author: Michelle Burgess.