Goodbye and thanks for everything.

Today is my last day as the Coordinator here at the Injured Workers Support Network.


So what do I end this with? With thanks.

I would like to thank many people for their help while I have been in this role.

Firstly to those members who have come in as volunteers and lightened my work over the three years. To those members who helped turn the fight on the pages to action on the streets and in the offices of parliamentarians and department heads.

To the members who made work for me and those who took work away from me.

To members on social media who re-posted our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

To those who gave me their strength even while they needed that strength for their own problems.

To the complements and the complaints, each of which taught me and edged me on to do better.

I would like to thank the committee for their work in making this happen as well.

The staff at the Workers Health Centre and Unions NSW who helped me fight well above my weight class.

My professional friends both at unions, at community groups and in the many other areas who leant me their knowledge and competence in particular in the beginning of my time here.

In particular Shay, David, Sheri, Emma, Angela, Rita, Alan, Mick, Dwayne, Ross, Carl, Catherine, Joe, Peter, Ray.. There are more but I can’t spend the whole page recording names.

I want to especially thank Michelle Burgess, my boss, for her trust and advice over these three years.

Finally, I want to thank my wife Larissa who has been pushing me along when it’s been hard and celebrating with me when it’s been brilliant.

This has been the best work I will ever do in my life. It is also the hardest job I will ever do. What is important for me is that this fight doesn’t end with me, it continues and I will continue to be there with you physically and emotionally even if I am no longer sitting in this seat, I’ll still be on the barricades with you.

Again, Thank you all for your support and we will go on.


With great love,


Rowan Kernebone