• David Doyle

    I’m not a solicitor, but I am trained as a RTW Coordinator. I am pretty sure you can, however, it is not cheap. Basically, it is what your solicitor would do on your behalf.

  • Sarah

    Does an IME have the right to block me from seeing the report they have written about me?

    • Rowan

      We believe you have the right but the insures don’t share our view. They treat the report as a medico legal report and they own it. If the insurer relies on it for a decision then they need to give it to you. You could always try asking for it or making a freedom of information request.

    • Debbie

      Yes. Unless you paid for the report or its paid by the insurer. Reports often get disclosed when they want to dispute you claim or make recommendations for treatment.

  • Michael

    My lawyer sent me to see a IME to be assessed for wpi.
    The Dr was 30mins late,
    Had had not been sent any prior information statements and dr reports from my lawyer nor did he want to read mine before the appointment started. He was Constantly using his mobile phone and laughed at messages he recived Whilst I was trying to explain a recent suicide attempt.

    My solicitor didn’t seem concerned when I reported this to him he Said wait till we get a report. But What ever my report is it won’t be correct! How can one detail 2 years of psychological abuse in a 1 HR appointment. These stupid insurers don’t realise that this system we have now is also costing them also.

    • Debbie

      Michael, I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. You have the right to report any unethical, inappropriate or unprofessional conduct to your Case Manager, WorkCover, treating GP and solicitor. Its always best to make a record of these complaints by email. There are strict guidelines all IME’s are expected to follow. You have the right to seek another referral for the IME’s breach.

      Your solicitor is also unprofessional and you’d be better off sending an email complaint to his boss and find another firm to represent you.Remember your lawyer works for YOU. It would also benefit you to start reading about the legislation to educate yourself and there’s heaps of information out there!.

      I wish you the best of luck and hope you find a good attorney soon.

      • Obliv

        your insurer wont do shit about bias IME’s as they are nothing more than hatchet men with a psych degree paid for by your insurer… the old saying ‘never bite the hand that feeds you’ is more than true in such cases.
        my insurer basically fobbed off my email complaining about the way i was treated, then a few months later said i was to revisit him because he ‘has more questions’ for me.. its like the IME / psych thought he was some sort of super slueth and wanted further interrogation to things which didnt match his report (because his report was bias, he didnt listen, and cut me short every time i spoke. no wonder he got it so wrong)

    • David Doyle

      Glad the IME was only 30min late, most are more, mine was 2 hours. I ended up laying back flat on the floor in the middle of the waiting room – couldn’t take it sitting or standing anymore.

  • colin

    In july this year I had an “independent medical examination ” done by a workcover appointed ” independent medical examiner ” following a work injury to my cervical spine. I was 58 when the injury 1st occurred August 2013. ISame injury occurred February last year and I stopped work in June. Workcover were great until it appeared surgery would cost them some REAL bucks. “Independent” examiner assessed me I am told at 6%TPI…but we will halve that to 3% because I am older than let’s say 10… so therefore injury was 50% caused by degeneration. Convenient out for workcover it would seem!! I have rejected their pathetic $9447 offer as a payout and reqested a re assessment. Can anyone tell me if the new workcover “independent” hired gun will assess me on the basis of facts, scans and reports, or will he be provided a copy of the 1st “independent”s report as a basis upon which to make his own and “unbiased” report?

    Btw. My orthopedic surgeon indicated guys are back playing football following the same surgery he has proposed for me. Better them than me!!! No football for a guy my age… but I would like to get back to work… I NEED to get back to work!!! I’m sure if a motor vehicle had only 3% damage, the insurers wouldn’t just write it off. Workcover payments have ceased. No surgery = no work = NO INCOME. Good huh!!?

  • Topsy

    I fractured my spine at work approx 18 months ago. I have been to 6 IMEs all trying to force me back to the same workplace – same role/hours/full-time- which I am unable to manage. I now have severe chronic pain and depression. I refused to see another IME as he has a very bad reputation and I am stressed anyway.
    In the workplace there was a lot of bullying as well.

    I read somewhere that an injured worker can only be seen by one IME/claim.

    Is this true? Is this information in the Workcover Act?

    When I recently refused to see yet another IME my workcover payments were stopped. I have no savings and really need the workcover payments.

    Thank you,

    • Karen

      They will suspend your payments until you attend the next IME appointment and then review your case. I had my payments suspended too and have been told that they suspend payments until they recoup the cost of the IMEs appointment, which can cost thousands. It appears that this advice is correct as they scheduled my next IME months away. They then take their time in reviewing it as well. I don’t know if you cancelled your appointment with a lot of notice time of the cancellation, they may not have to recoup as much money off you if you gave enough notice that the IME did not loose money on the appointment. My payments have been suspended for months now, I attended another IME appointment last week and still they have not lifted the suspension yet. My solicitor is now taking them to the W/Comp commission. Phone WIRO and tell them what has happened to you, if they think you have a case you can apply for funding for WIRO to pay your solicitors costs. Hood luck with it.

  • Bunny

    Does anyone know what an Independent Medical Consultant is? He has been badgering my doctor to change my fitness for work, I have never met him and he does not have my recent Xrays etc? What is the role of these people, I know he is a doctor and that is about it.

    • Karen

      Bunny hi,

      A IMC is what I call a hired gun to get you back to work, they review your file with your doctor and basically try to push you back to work even if your doctor does not think you are fit enough. They also review your treatments and then write a report to the insurance company a lot of the time saying you are fit enough for a return to work, possible a gradual return. IMCs whole job is to review difficult cases and override your doctors opinion and treatments. They are just as I said hired guns. Your IMC can be just another GP with no area of expertise. Remember the insurance companies hire them to get you back to work. Most IMC appointments are with your doctor and most times you are left out of the picture, they just review your case with your doctor.

      • Bunny

        Thankyou Karen, I thought it would be something like that. Just another abuse of my rights.

  • council worker

    Hi Jason. Yes u are allowed to have your own dr and rehab providor. I would not use theirs as they do not have your health or best interests in mind. I would suggest if u do not have one yet or your insurance co have sent you to their providor I would transfer it asap. I had the same problems with the co they sent me to (iMac). your drs and specialists are the only ones who determine your health plan and restrictions although the insurance co will do whatever they can to push u back to work asap. if their ime has recomended something it is to the insurance co. Not to your drs. keep a diary of everything my friend and make sure u do what your treating drs recomend. And if u are severely injured get a good solicitor. Good luck

  • Mad Chef

    Hi All, wondering if anyone has had IME with a Mr Philip Sharp (General Surgeon-NSW).
    I’m in Vic but for some dodgy reason Allianz appears to be bringing this guy down for an appointment on a SATURDAY morning. Weird eh??
    I am coming up to the 130 week mark so know what they are up to.
    Still facing 3+ rounds of further surgery- been told absolutely NO chance of returning to previous career (of 30 years). Would love to hear from someone who has had dealings with him
    Cheers, Mad Chef

  • gaby


    I have been on work cover and not working for a few months. Recently I was offered a job and hope to start work soon once my contract and paperwork is finalised which may be a few weeks. I am working as a volunteer in the organisation for a few days, I have been having physio and was recently sent to an ime to assess my: need for ongoing treatment, my ongoing level of incapacity, and assess liability for my injury. I got in touch with the insurer re: the ime raising a few concerns such as that I felt some of my comments were not recognised about my condition and the insurer said they would pass these on to the ime. I am wondering what an ime outcome maybe. If they do not accept liability for my claim does this mean y payments will stop and that I will no longer be eligible for treatment or that if my injury flairs up they will not accept liability?Also I hope my ime will not be negative as I passed on some concerns to the insurer?

  • Jason

    Hi again,

    I commenced a strength training program on 31.10.11 that is due to finish on 30.11.11 (my Case Manager approved the program).

    I then attended an IME on 7.11.14. Subsequently, my Case Manager is now demanding that I commence another strength training program with a different physiotherapist as “recommended” by the IME Doctor.

    The IME Doctor, however, is not my nominated treating Doctor, and moreover, I assume that I have the right to choose my health care providers. Thus, does the IME Doctor have the authority to refer me to treatment, and if so, legally, do I have to comply with his requests?

  • Complainers of the world make a difference

    There is a system where the medical specialists are selected by the WCC and they report directly to the WCC and their report in some aspects is “conclusively presumed to be correct” in certain aspects. These are the Approved Medical Specialists (AMS). The trouble is these same AMSs can also be IMEs selected by either the injured worker’s solicitor or the insurers. Unfortunately some of these might be biased by any imbalance in who pays them. There is nothing stopping and AMS from doing all their other work for a particular party as an Independent Medical Examiner. There is not even a disclosure log for anyone to find out this as it is “commercial in confidence”. This means the AMS may have a big undisclosed conflict of interest and that when the AMS works “independently” for the WCC there is every possibility they may be subjected to there own cognitive bias or conformational bias caused by financial bias!!

  • Mary Z

    In order to minimise costs, time and stress to all involved with workers compensation court proceedings; and to make the system infinitely more fair and just, I believe it would be a good idea if there was a register of specialists who report, independently of the injured worker and the insurer, directly to the courts. By having an alphabetical register of specialists the courts could engage, on rotation, as required, would mean the court would not have to inevitably and constantly decide between conflicting medical reports – which reports are often not as impartial and accurate as they might be if there was no other agenda, other than the care, rehabilitation and/or compensation of the injured worker, taken into account.