The announcement made by Victor Dominello tells only half the truth of the new benefits to the injured workers of NSW.


The Hon Dominello makes no mention that seriously injured worker will continue to be faced with loosing benefits if and when the insurance company wants them to.

“An injured worker is still staring down the barrel of a gun if their insurer decides to knock them off.’ The Injured Workers Support Network Coordinator, Mr Rowan Kernebone said. “These trapdoors have not been touched by the Minister and until he closes them the injured workers of NSW will be living with the fear that at any time they may lose their income support before they have returned to work and before they have recovered from their injury.”


“Benefits that are in the control of insurers are only as good as the insurer’s willingness to make them available. Since 2012 the insurers have consistently shown that cost reduction, denying benefits, is their preferred business model.”


The Baird Government’s decision to reduce premiums to businesses, despite the desperate need of the injured workers of NSW for timely and adequate medical care brings to light the intentions of this government. To put the needs and care of injured workers last.”


The Injured Workers Support Network is calling for an upper house inquiry into the impact of the Baird Government’s Workers Compensation System on injured workers. “This government can say they care as much as they like. Their actions in 2012 and lack of action since 2012 to reduce the recovery time of injured worker, to protect their jobs and to ensure that injured workers and their families don’t suffer needs to be fully investigated and the true reality for Injured Workers in NSW needs to be brought out into the open.” Rowan Kernebone said.

04 December 2015

Media release:Media release for victor dominellos announcement today

  • FAZZ

    Those of us that were in the system before 2012 went to court and had our cases in front of a judge and signed off. How can you be prosecuted in nsw if a judges decision no longer has any meaning. We were ripped off it’s time to stand up.

  • Just Me

    It absolutely amazes me that Centrelink is prepared to pick up the tab for the employers and insurers. And most of the tax payers aren’t even aware of this, unless they become an injured worker. I think if tax payers were made aware of this, surely there would be an outcry for an independent inquiry as to how and why this is happening. Interesting times ahead in this lucky country.

  • Raelene

    So are we to believe even after being classed as seriously injured worker with 23% impairment I can face losing my benefits before my case is closed ????