Injured Workers Support Network Submission to NSW Parliamentary Enquiry – Workers Compensation May 2012

Submissions closed yesterday for those wanting to make a contribution to the Ofarrell governments public enquiry into the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme.

Please click below to see the submission made on behalf of injured workers in NSW by the Injured Workers Support Group

Injured Workers Support Network Submission May 2012

  • Gerard mc donnell

    Thank you for this opportunity to address my concerns regarding proposed changes to workers NSW
    Firstly I am a victem of workers comp. with lower back and neck perminant disability and have been cought up in this system for the past 3 yrs. I have read your your submission dated May 2012 and note my case is no different to any of those sited in your submittion and it scares me to think this is now what the future holds for me too.
    I believe the majority of injured workers wish to return to some form decent employment and to be a contributer to society and enjoy self esteem. I was fortunate to receive the opportunity to return to TAFE and take on new studies (Treaing and Assessing) however due to no experience as a trainer and in my case TAFE Newcastle have no courses running in the field to which I am qualified the end result $2,500 spent and no job oportunities.
    I will admit I pursued the idea of doing this course and the rehab providers submitted this application to the insurance co. on my behalf, it all sounded very promising and I was very successful in my studies.
    As soon as I qualified I received a letter from the insurance co. stating “I was now qualified in a new field of work and now had the ability to receive earnings in excess of prior earnings therefore I shall no longer be eligable to receive any weekly benefits.
    Now I am forced to engage the services of a solicitor to help put forward a case that dispite many attempts to secure work as a trianer, opportunities are not forthcoming and now I have no source of income.
    From reading many of the personal reports within your organisations recent submittion and including my own present circumstances I find the following to to be a major issue.

    I would like to offer the following suggestion.
    Quality investment for retraining injured workers where the person has the capacity to do so and future employment opportuniteis exist and job placement would be forthcoming.
    The major issue here is to get employer organisations to come on board.
    “The stigma of work related injury is a major concern”
    Presently there are sufficient organisations in place IE Rehab Providers, Employer Organisationg, Work Cover and TAFE but there appears to be a major breakdown in placing injured workers in suitable and sustainable employment.
    Suitable register for job placement with future prospects.
    Training programs for injured workers in line with their acedemic abilities and future job prospects.

    I shall sign off for the present and look forward to your reply.

    kind regards
    Gerard McDonnell
    216 Warners Bay Rd.
    Mount Hutton NSW 2290 Mob. 0412 264 907
    Positave support and motivation twords suitable retraining