It’s the same old mantra: CSIRO bully accusations ‘dodgy’, says executive


Unsurprisingly CSIRO spin doctors have already commenced a campaign of discrediting those exposing bullying within the organisation.  Of particularly concern is that Mike Whelan himself is involved heavily in the investigation process and has already proven he is not an appropriate person to be involved in the investigation process

At Senate Estimates, CSIRO Deputy CEO, Operations, Mr Mike Whelan made some astounding statements to the effect that CSIRO would be involved in a vetting process whereby they would determine which submissions were handed on to the independent investigator.  Mr Whelan also prejudged the investigation by questioning the veracity of some of the complainants.

Sadly, it is the same old mantra when confronted with a the reality of their own failures executives revert back to a reliable formula: avoid the issue, deny the issue exists, and  ‘cover it up‘.  For CSIRO there is no longer the possibility of avoiding the issue so it’s on to denying and covering up.

In today’s Canberra Times: CSIRO bully accusations ‘dodgy’, says executive:

Some of the bullying and harassment claims from within the CSIRO are ”pretty dodgy”, according to a senior executive.

As the CSIRO announced details of its independent review of its workplace culture, Commonwealth parliamentarians have been told to treat with caution some of the claims made by former employees.

CSIRO chief executive Megan Clark told staff on Monday that the review would be led by former Commonwealth ombudsman and emeritus professor Dennis Pearce, one of Australia’s leading experts on administrative law.

The organisation has been dogged for several years by claims of bullying and harassment, one group of alleged victims garnering considerable publicity and setting up to pursue their cause.

An online petition has now been launched requesting that the Solicitor-General, Attorney-General and responsible minister intervene to ensure that the investigation is conducted in a truly independent manner and that CSIRO is prevented from interfering in the process.

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