IWSN Media release: Our response to Perrottet’s announcement

The Injured Workers Support Network Welcomes the Baird Governments Change of Heart.  We have some questions though…..

The Injured Workers Support Network, represents over one thousand injured workers throughout NSW providing support and advice on the workers compensation system and coping with the life changing impact of a workplace injury.

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning, the Baird Government is set to re-introduce $1 billion dollars of benefits they had stripped from workers in 2012.  Any attempt by this Government to address the unfair workers compensation system is welcomed by our members but, as was obvious in Perrottet’s first crack at this in 2014, the devil is very much in the detail. The Injured Workers Support Network wants to know wants to know if Perrottet’s changes will benefit all injured workers equally this time.

Will this be retrospective?

Approximately 50,000 injured workers have been kicked off the system since 2012. Will Perrottet and Baird redress the pain they caused these people with these new changes? Will the member who has one month to go until he has to fork out $150 a month for pain killers out of his new start allowance be given five more years?


The Injured Workers Support Network urges The Baird government to put aside the rhetoric and concentrate their efforts in truly making these additions fair. Instruct the Insurers to reopen workers compensation files where, if they were open, they would be in receipt of these new benefits.




4 August 2015

Media Contact: Rowan Kernebone 0412 926 777