January 26, 2016

Making a Workers Compensation Claim

4 thoughts on “Making a Workers Compensation Claim

  • I resigned on 23/12/15, after nearly five months of being on sick leave, at no time was the employer offering to talk/reconcile/or show any empathy towards my situation, I have engaged a solicitor and will be continuing the fight through WIRO

  • After being on Stress Leave for 4 weeks with an anxiety, acute stress reaction( Medical Certificate ) and determined by a physiologist to be suffering from depression. I returned to work, but was told not to return to the workplace and I will be paid normal wages by my employer and that a “performance counselling meet” will be held on the 3 September 2015. I received a letter dated 31 Aug 2015 headed Performance Counselling for Poor Performance listing untrue claims about my job performance. I attended the meeting and told my employer that I disagree and the all the claims were totally untrue. My employer presented no evidence

    My employment was terminated the next day 4th September 2015, I would like to make a Workers Compensation Claim if I can and them file for unfair dismissal, I do not feel I will be able to find another job. I am over 60

    • Joe, if you are a member of a union contact them as soon as possible, if you are not a member of a union, contact a solicitor that specialises in dealing with cases on employment law. You may need to look at the unfair dismissal side of things before looking at the workers compensation claim.

      • After speaking to a solicitor I was told to make a worker compensation so they can take case on as a “No Win No fee”. I have just been informed that my former employer may not have Workers Compensation Insurance by email from a director of the company
        refer edited email below

        We have liaised with Workcover on this matter.
        We assumed we were covered under the grouping provisions of the Workers Compensation Act, We are advised by Workcover that this may not be the case. On that basis we have advised Workcover we may have a period of being uninsured relating to this claim. Workcover advise that you may contact them directly regarding your claim.

        I hope they get what they deserve

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