Media Release: 4 September New workers compensation regulations: Small changes are of small benefit to injured workers



Media Release   04 September 2014


New workers compensation regulations:  Small changes are of small benefit to injured workers

 The Baird Government has finally presented the new rules for the Workers Compensation system.

Though the Injured Workers Support Network welcomes any positive changes to the problematic system that the Coalition Government introduced in 2012, these changes are limited and minor improvements to a small selection of injured workers.

The changes do not apply to workers injured after October 2012, despite assurances from NSW Minister for Finance and Services Dominic Perrottet that they would apply to workers injured after the regulations were tabled.

The changes to medical expense payments will also not apply once an injured worker reaches retirement age.

“Premier Mike Baird said in 2012 that getting the finances back on track would mean better outcomes for injured workers,” Injured Workers Support Network coordinator Rowan Kernebone said.

“But these regulations show that the Baird Government remains uninterested in the health and wellbeing of anyone injured while at work.

“To introduce these small changes while not addressing the varied ways for insurers to weasel out of their obligations shows the Government’s contempt for any and all NSW citizens who happen to be hurt while making money for others.”

Mr Kernebone said the system remains unfair and that the Injured Workers Support Network was calling on the government to consult with the community to make the system fairer, to ensure it applies changes to all injured workers, and to restore all previous benefits to injured workers.


Media contacts: Rowan Kernebone (0412 926 777) or Michelle Burgess (0419 402 775)