Newstart becomes that much harder to get. – if Turnbull gets his way.

Turnbull moves the goal posts again.

The Federal budget has a few surprises for anyone facing being stripped of their workers compensation from the NSW state government.

The changes in who can access disability payments is one such change, though these were put into place a year ago or so, there is no chances for this to improve in the short term thanks to this budget but one change has the potential to impact injured workers more than most.

The Turnbull government is attempting to increase waiting times between applying for New Start and receiving New Start.

If you have happened to have savings equalling $12,000 (single person) or $24,000 (for a couple) the Turnbull budget will have you waiting half a year before you can receive New Start and increase of 13 weeks from the current waiting period according to news reports.

So not only will you have to wait till at least half of any lump-sum payment is exhausted, you may have to wait an additional 26 weeks while exhausting the rest of they payments or until you have less than $12,000.

The advice is always to see a financial counsellor (a free service from most charities) as soon as you can to help with budgeting and to ring your federal MP and ask them to stop this injustice before it begins.