May 20, 2016

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  • Hector Viapiana

    I just been informed by a very good. source that GIO and Allianz will be the only two Workcover managent companies in the very near future, all other insurance companies will cease all work cover work

  • Injured on the job

    Just wanted to let injured workers know that their PIAWE should be subject to indexation, therefore their pay should be increased twice a year.

  • Stabbed in the back.

    What is in place to deter the insurers from making these ‘mistakes’ and making profit by ripping off injured workers?

  • Stabbed in the back

    How about if you send the insurer ‘a request for adjustment of PIAWE form’? The insurer then has no choice but to back pay the money for their past ‘mistakes’, under section 42 of the 1987 act.

  • Dina

    STARTING IN THE 80’S, THE FEMALE WORKERS AT KAISER STARTED GETTING hurt on the job, here in Sacramento CA. We were some of the highest paid workers with the best of benefits. In the end with the state’s worker comp system, we were hurt some more and between the state and the employers we were never ever going to be able to work again. It’s a state operation but I know it happens all over. I started my advocacy back in 1989 when I attended my first hearing. It has all gotten worse because everyone in the system is making money but the injured and as a matter of fact, I can say that if it weren’t for the injured worker, a lot of jobs in workers compensation would not exist.
    I had no idea that workers comp would abuse injured workers more than than the employer, protecting the employer. We need for those in D.C. to do their job and take over the states worker comp systems because they are wrought with fraud and corruption. It is unbelievable that the states have no one to answer to when they cause so many problems with injured workers having nowhere to go to get help. Far too many , millions, have gone without benefits all for the employer and the states to profit. even the federal govt will profit with returns on investment worker comp money that will go unaccounted or much less, for any injured worker.
    I blame those in D.C since the 1972 National worker compensation conference who have committed unbearable circumstances for all workers but especially for injured workers who’s rights have been violated , civilly, constitutionally and humanely and then I blame unions that joined up with federal agencies like the SSA & DOL among others that schemed to get us injured, without benefits and medical care and loss of our retirements and pensions taking away our right to take care of ourselves and our families who have suffered immeasurably through out all of the years. It was all rigged this way and only legislators in D.C. can be responsible and you need to all be held accountable. Jail time would be appropriate too along with giving us redress, justice, restitution, over due compensation and a letter of apology.
    We need the federal government o come in, take over the States worker compensation systems and put a stop to all of the abuses and deprivation of rights and benefits to employers who by legislators were allowed to harm us in all ways.
    God Bless all of us.

  • Sue McCarthy

    All existing workers who had returned to work part time instead of full time got screwed. In 2012, was working 25 hours a week, and top up payments stopped. Then, when transferred back this year, to Workcover, my wages at 2012 , 25 hours per week were classed as my full time earnings, and so paid at 80% of 25 hours a week, as i am no longer working, rather than looking at my pre injury earnings @ 38 hours per week. Lawyer looked at it, and said that I had no case to argue.