Our children care as well.

child-1099756_960_720Children not only see what is happening, they react as well.

Being a parent with an injury can be difficult but the good news is that you are not the first one to do it. The following are a few tips from young carers.net.au a great resource for parents and for children helping to care for those close to them.


(from: www.youngcarers.net.au)

  • Explain the nature of the illness, condition or disability and the impact that it has on the person in a way they can understand
  • Contact the school to find out whether they have a young carers policy. Schools across Australia have been encouraged to identify children and young people who may be caring and to provide appropriate support within the school environment
  • Try to put time aside to spend just with your child
  • Try and stick to a routine involving the children with regard to meals, mealtimes, bedtimes and activities
  • Encourage friendships with other children. Where possible, include the child’s friends in regular
  • family activities
  • A number of state and territory Carers Associations run young carer programs. For more information, contact your Carer Association on 1800 242 636
  • If possible, arrange for your child to have regular breaks away from caring. If your child is caring for and supporting you, you might like to talk with them about how they might take a break even though that means asking someone else to help provide your care for a while.


Do you have any other tips that we could include?